Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Florida: Day 5

Ryan and Christian had a great time on the beach jumping waves, building sand castles and boogie boarding. They even tried skim boarding, but Christian thought that was a little tricky! I was hanging out with a sick McKenna all day. Thankfully she never really acted too sick. No fever, she just couldn't breath that great. Same with Will. He was happy the entire time, he just sounded awful! It could have been worse.
That evening I took Will and Christian on a walk on the beach to look for shells. It was probably my most favorite part of our vacation. When you get Christian by himself, he just talks and talks and I feel like I really get to connect with his heart.
The beach was totally empty with the exception of just us. That was fun and we found some really great shells. Christian was so cute...he kept finding purple shells or pinkish shells for McKenna.

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