Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Parade!

 McKenna got to be in the Christmas parade with her dance group!
We were a little nervous about whether or not she would make it to the end, so Ryan was a good sport and walked with the entire way with her! She got to dress up like a Christmas present.

 We waited and waited for McKenna's group to come down the street. As soon as we saw them we spotted we saw quite a sight!
Let me zoom in a little..... McKenna's sweet little friend took a tumble & could not get back up. She wasn't hurt, so it was actually pretty hilarious! I didn't even realize I captured it on camera until I got home later that morning.
You can't see McKenna, but you can see Ryan. Ha! He just loved being front and center with the dance team! I thought he was just going to walk along the side to keep an eye on McKenna. I had no idea he was actually going to be IN THE PARADE!

It was a great way to kick off the holiday season!!!


Millicent said...

oh my word--is that little girl on her back?? Poor thing, but that is hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

It was a really good parade, especially when McKenna (and Ryan) came by.

the mccollums... said...

The pic of the fallen present is hysterical! :) ha ha. Way to go McKenna in her first parade...and Ryan's too?! :)

Sarah Joy said...

Kenna is so sweet as a gift! I love it! Ryan is such an awesome Daddy!!!