Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Building up his Best Behavior!

Christian came bounding off the bus the other day!!! He was so excited. He kept yelling "I got my name on the brick wall!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my name on the brick wall!!!!!"  Thankfully I actually did know what he was talking about. They have cards at school and you get a punch in your card every time you show outstanding character or exceptional behavior. Once you get 10 punches you get to put your name on the "brick wall" and your name is announced on the announcements the next morning.  The wall says "Building up our Best Behavior." Christian was the fourth student in his class to get his name on the wall. 
So we made a big fuss out of this event. It was the perfect opportunity to reinforce the fact that good character is what we value the most! To celebrate we ordered pizza and the next day McKenna, Will and I surprised Christian and went to school to eat lunch with him. He was sooooo surprised!!! McKenna loved taking her lunchbox to school!
One of Christian's little friends looked at Will and said, "Can I pet your baby??? He looks nice." Since I didn't want a bunch of kids "petting" Will and infecting him with all their germs, I told that little girl that Will really wasn't that nice. That he liked to bite people (which is true). You should have seen the look on her face. ha! She didn't "pet" him.


Anonymous said...

So proud of Christian for reflecting God's love and light to everyone at school. That is definitely worth celebrating!!!! I am sure his name will be up there a lot this year!

Way to go Christian!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Christian. We are so proud of you. PopPop and Grandmom