Friday, November 4, 2011

Florida: The End

It was not my idea of a dream vacation. Three trips to urgent care, pneumonia, croup and bronchitis sort of ruined my idea of a good time, but thankfully that's not what my kids remember. They loved our vacation. And truthfully we all had fun (even me). Our main purpose for heading to Florida was to go to a wedding. Just the boys ended up going, which I felt bad about, but they certainly were handsome!
I hung out with the sick kiddos and I've decided that breathing treatments might be one of my least favorite things to do in this world.  McKenna is just all drama about it and Will actually shakes his head back and forth trying to get away from the nebulizer. It's rather funny.
The next morning we all said "goodbye" to the beach. I cried as I stood out on the balcony for the last time looking out a the ocean. I just felt sad that it wasn't all that I had hoped it would be. I had worked and planned and dreamed for months planning this trip. But that's just life.
We drove straight home. It was a good trip, despite the 17 hours it took. I would have been nice if McKenna would have watched a movie, but we didn't watch one movie the entire ride home. I know, insane. Around 2am everyone woke up. So we stopped and took a potty break and got everyone a doughnut and started watching out the window for snow. It was actually really fun to have all of us awake in the middle of the night knowing we were almost home and it was so fun (and totally bizarre) to come home to snow.

I just love this cute little face! He was so handsome heading to the wedding. Right before he left I told him not to let any girls dance with him and he rolled his eyes and then gave me this panicked look!

We've already decided that Florida is in our future. Not sure when, but we'll be back and this time there will be no pneumonia!

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