Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Soccer Girl

 McKenna wrapped up her soccer season this past weekend. We were very proud of our little #3.
 The best part of soccer had everything to do with friends and nothing to do with playing or winning.
 She loved the social part of the game.
 There was very little actual kicking of the ball, although I did capture this one picture of her..she had just kicked that ball.
 She got some good exercise and ran A LOT!
 Her coaches were the best!

 Her team won a lot because there were several very good players.
 It was fun to cheer her on.

 She did a good job listening to her coaches.
 Will wins the award for #1 fan!!! He was such a good boy.
 He spent hours sitting in his stroller, watching either his brother or sister play while he was strapped in. Don't worry...we kept him happy with lots of snacks!
Great job girls!!!!

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jenn said...

so cute! addie starts her first season of soccer in a couple weeks - i can't wait!! hopefully it will go better than ballet...and she will actually MOVE!! :)