Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just because he likes to keep it interesting....

 Christian and I got to spend four hours in the ER last night.
It's the same old story... a stomach bug that he just can't get rid of.
Like I've said before, most kids throw up 5 times....Christian throws up 50 times and that is not an exaggeration.

Around 9pm last night he vomited for about the 40th time and his eyes rolled back in his head and he stopped breathing for a second. I smacked his face and he was fine, but that was enough for me. I've never ever had a child pass out on me while vomiting. Scary. I headed to the ER with him in the front seat (a big deal in this house) so I could keep an eye on him.
 His chest x-ray came back clear. As did almost all of the other tests and blood work they did.
 A bag of IV fluids and some Zofran and he was sitting up putting together a lego guy with me. This was sometime around midnight. Last time I took him to the ER we ended up staying for 3 days, so I was prepared this time. You should have seen all the snacks I shoved in my purse! ha! I was prepared to eat nothing but granola bars & Diet Coke for a few days.
Do you see that sunburned look to his face?
That's how his entire body looks. Even the tops of his feet have that bright red rash. 
It's a mystery. We're still not sure what is going on. It's not strep throat or scarlet fever.
Some of his blood work came back with some strange numbers that mystified the ER doctor, so we are going to see our pediatrician today. Could we all just PRAY that it's not mono?!! That theory has been tossed around despite the fact that his mono test did come back negative.

I am worn out, but so thankful for a friend who took McKenna to preschool today so she didn't have to miss purple & pink day :)  Thankful for insurance, although from what the nurses tell me it's much cheaper to just be on state assistance then it's all free. And I'm thankful for another opportunity to demonstrate to Christian how Jesus cares about us and hears our prayers when we call on him. Christian was the one who asked me to pray last night at the hospital. He also thanked me for taking him. "Thanks for letting me come here mom. I feel a lot better."  You got it buddy! He didn't even shed a tear when they put the IV in (which is quite a process when you're dehydrated). This might sound a little crazy, but I loved that special time with just him.


Anonymous said...

How scary for you! Glad they were able to help him in a few hours rather than a few days like last time. Hope you both can get some rest.
Aggiema (Michelle)

Courtney said...

oh, judy! i'm so sorry! praying they can find some DEFINITIVE answers and HELP sweet christian!

Millicent said...

I am going to be praying so hard for your family this winter---believing that this year will be a VERY healthy one from here on out!!!

Katy said...

Oh Judy I'm so sorry. I hate that these bugs take such a toll on him!!!! Praying that your .pediatrician can give you some.clear answers!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! Praying that your pediatrician can get to the bottom of this AND that Christian remains HEALTHY!!!


Anonymous said...

Poor guy! And poor momma! I'm so sorry you were dealing with all of that. Thank God, he's doing better now. Anna