Monday, October 29, 2012

A Hurricane Day - Updated @7:45pm

 Hurricane Sandy is here!
Christian asked if he could go outside and play in the giant puddles and I let him because it's really not that bad.
 This is just the beginning of the storm and we have giant puddles in our yard already that have never been this big before. Things could get interesting. I'm just thankful we still have power. If the power does go out, we are ready.
 This is actually shaping up to be one of my favorite days ever.
Ryan came home from work early. It's cold and wet and we're all snug inside.
 It's a pj day. There's nothing I love more than sitting on the couch reading books with my littlest man. Today I found out that he knows the difference between Thomas and Percy.
 McKenna read to me :)
 McKenna also has a pet ZhuZhu that she's in love with right now.
She puts it down for a nap and feeds it and acts like it's her baby.
If that keeps us from having to get a real pet, then I'm happy.
 We worked on our Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes this morning.
We packed 10 this year, thanks to the fact that we bought a little here and there all year long.

I hope all of my East Coast friends stay safe and are snug inside too.

UPDATE @ 7:45pm:
We're still snug and doing great. The wind has really picked up and the rain is still coming down hard. My parents lost power over 2 hours ago. When they called the power company they were told it could be up to 7-10 days until their power is restored. I'm hoping that's a worst case scenario. They do have a generator that they can power up if necessary. Pray for them, that their basement doesn't flood and that they will regain power sometime soon.

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Vicki said...

Safe and dry over here in York county, and thankfully, we still have our power too. I'm praying that it stays that way:). Either way, I have a ridiculous amount of storm food to tide us over....soup, chef boyardee, and of course pudding packs and combos:).