Monday, July 23, 2012

The Many Faces of Will

The top right is my favorite face and the one I usually see smiling back at me. He is a smiley boy and everyone tells me that ALL THE TIME.

Remember how I mentioned that Will's pediatrician wanted to send him to a dermatologist?  Well, after spending an hour and a half at the dermatologist with a busy one year old, we have now been referred to a pediatric dermatologist.  Two doctors now think Will has some symptoms of urticaria pigmentosa. I am almost completely convinced that they are wrong. I know, I know I don't even remotely have a medical degree but if he does have it, it's the most mild case on the face of the earth. Both doctor's I've talked to have basically been baffled by Will's "symptoms" (and I have really appreciated & been thankful for their honesty and their willingness to seek out other more knowledgeable opinions) so we are going to head to Hershey Medical Center in October to get a definitive answer. If the doctor's there are not certain they will be able to do a biopsy and come up with a conclusive diagnosis.  I am not the least bit worried about any of this. Will is fine and never has any of the discomfort that is characteristic of children with urticaria pigmentosa. Obviously, this is something we're praying about for our sweet little guy, but not something we are worrying about :)  I'll keep you posted once October gets here.


Anonymous said...

I love that precious face!

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping this in my prayers. Anna