Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cell Phone Dump

I just downloaded a few weeks worth of cell phone pictures! There's no rhyme or reason to any of this, most of these are just pictures I text Ryan throughout the day!
Three of my most favorite girls!
Christian after an evening swim.

My yard is full of clover. So annoying.
A note Christian wrote to Ryan just before the 4th of July. It says "Have fun. Be tough." We texted it to Ryan and it was just the encouragement he needed.
Daddy got new glasses. We sent him this picture to show him that we picked them up for him.
Silly girl in Daddy's glasses.
My new favorite nail polish. It's super cheap. Got it at CVS. "Spoiled" by Wet & Wild. I put the silver on first and the sparkles on second. It's super hard to get off, which is why I love it. It's been on my toes for a month and I haven't had to touch it up.
Will: Reading at Grandmom's house.
She wrote a book. She gets worked up about the fact that she can't write that many real words and she gets discouraged that she can't read....which is crazy because Christian could have cared less about these things at her age, but it bugs her.  So I explained to her that when she makes up words or "reads" a story that it's called "PRE-READING." And that pre-reading skills help you to learn to read for real. That's all she needed to hear. Now that she has an official term for it, she spends lots of time working on her pre-reading skills.
He made a mustache.
Christian went to grown up church with me one week so that he could take communion for the first time. I loved it that when our pastor was talking about the last supper, Christian leaned over and said "I know what he's talking about." We had talked about communion ahead of time and it was a great experience for him.
This is what happens to a foam baseball when it gets stuck on top of a light bulb and the light gets left on.
Sleepy faces.
Helping mommy clean.
He was so proud of himself that he climbed up on that chair by himself. Now if only he wouldn't stand up on the table.
Handsome hair cut. He hated it and screamed but the results were worth it.
Yup, that says 100 degrees!
We twisted McKenna's hair one night before bed, into little knots on her head. It was so cute to see her with curly hair. Then she got in the pool and that was the end of the curls.

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That girl is cute enough without the curls!