Monday, July 30, 2012

Dinosaur Hunt

 This summer we've been playing with a LOT of ice. It's free and keeps you cool on a hot day.
 These ice dinosaur eggs have been a huge hit!
 To make them you just put a dinosaur inside a balloon. Put a drop of food coloring in the balloon with the dinosaur (that parts optional) and fill up the balloon with water. It helps to keep a little air bubble in the water balloon because then you freeze it and when you peel the balloon off the frozen "dinosaur egg" that little air bubble helps you get the balloon off easier.
 We hid dino eggs all around our yard.
 The kids and their friends had the best time hunting them down.

 We loaded up all the eggs in the wagon.
 Discovering more eggs.
 Then it was time to "free the dinos!!!"
 There was one egg just for McKenna that included something pink instead of a dinosaur.
This was by far Christian's favorite part. He loved throwing the eggs onto the driveway and watching them shatter into little pieces.  We still have some dino eggs in our freezer. I think we might try throwing them in the pool next time!


Mandy said...

My youngest had a BLAST with the dinos! The Chatterton's house is the best!

Katy said...

You are the coolest mom!!! Love that idea!!