Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A break?

It's pouring outside and it's been a busy day...week...month.....
So I'm going to take the rest of the day off.
Except for the laundry that needs to be switched
the ladder than needs to be put away
the dishes in the sink that need to find their way to the dishwasher
the children that need to be fed
the baby that needs to be changed
all the clocks that need to be reset since the power went out.....

okay never mind.
I'm going to take the next 30 minutes off and then I'll get back at it!

Ha!!! Now that's funny!

1 comment:

Jake and Nikki said...

Lol! That little sign expresses how I feel most days. It's all the little things that need to get done throughout the day that add up. I must admit though, for my birthday I asked to have the day "off" and my wish was granted for about the first 3 hours of the morning. Then Jake found me sobbing because nobody "needed" me...ha! I hope you enjoyed your 30 minutes "off" :)