Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Sweet baby boy"

Will's a blankie boy. Of course the blankets he loves are no longer available...they used to come inside a gray teddy bear that 31 sold at their home parties. I'm paying top dollar for them if you happen to have one of these blankets in your possession (okay..."top dollar" is an exaggeration...but if you have one...we should talk  :)

Anyway, I asked McKenna to take one of them to the laundry room so I could wash it and she said, "I just love Will's blankie. It smells like sweet baby boy because he snuggle it all the time. He smells so good."

And every time McKenna sees Will snuggled up with his blanket she yells "Awwwww..Mom, come quick Will's so cute. He's snuggling again."

She is just smitten with him!

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Anonymous said...

Aren't we all smitten with him? He is the cutest!