Friday, July 27, 2012

Go Nats!!!!

 Christian and Ryan got to go to a Nationals game last weekend! This was Christian's first time riding the metro.
 He thought it was pretty cool.

 The weather was not great, it was rainy and cool.
 But the Nats are a fun team to cheer for because they are doing so well this season (although they lost this particular game against the Braves).
 Ryan's friend Derek gave them the tickets and they all had a great time together.
 My boys on the metro.
Christian is officially obsessed with baseball. Somehow we've gotten into the habit of letting him stay up super late to finish watching whatever ball game is on. Ryan never lasts til the end of the game, but Christian is always wide awake making sure I'm paying attention to every play. It was so fun for him to experience a major league game.

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Anonymous said...

What a great experience for that precious boy. I'm so glad I can share the love of baseball with him.