Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Experiements, bubble bombs, ice & friends

Our friends came over so it was time for another science lesson. I think only one child walked away being able to explain what a "chemical reaction" is, but the point was to get them excited about science and this simple experiment certainly did that!

We all know that when you mix baking soda and vinegar together you get a reaction. It's the whole exploding volcano experiment.
But I wanted them to understand that by mixing the solid (baking soda) and the liquid (vinegar) the chemical reaction between the two create a gas.

Step #1: Add vinegar to a bottle (we colored ours so we could see it better)
Step #2: Put a scoop of baking soda inside a balloon and put the balloon on top of the bottle (be careful not to let the baking soda fall into the bottle just yet).

Step #3:Dump the baking soda into the bottle. The vinegar will begin to fizz and the balloon starts to fill up with gas.

The final result!
 Then we went outside and made "bubble bombs." This was not nearly as exciting as we thought it would be and it left stains on my driveway that did not wash away. The directions for Bubble Bombs can be found HERE.
 I thought the younger girls would be bored with the science experiments (they actually weren't bored at all) so I froze two pans of toys ahead of time and gave them each a hammer and told them to free the toys. This ended up entertaining everyone for a good 45 minutes.
 Those toys were really stuck in there.
 The "toys stuck in ice" activity pretty quickly turned into a competition to see who could free all their objects first.
 And this is what Will does while the rest of us are busy. He finds something to push and takes off for the road or any yard that is not our own. It's a fun age!

P.S. Can you tell I'm starting to have a hard time coming up with titles for these posts??

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