Thursday, May 10, 2012

On the mound

Christian's coach decided to let him try pitching at his last game. He practiced all afternoon in the backyard with his daddy and was doing well. Ryan thought he was ready and he was based on what we were seeing in the backyard.
But it's a whole different story when you're actually on the mound. He was nervous and it didn't go so well.
Ryan walked out to the mound to try to get him to calm down a little.
It was a good experience for him. He walked a few players. Okay, more than a few players, but he didn't hit anyone, so that's good :)
I'm sure this guy will pitch again, I'm just hoping it's not this season. He just seems too little out there on the mound. But I'm thankful his coach gave him the opportunity and that Christian has coaches who care more about teaching and learning and encouraging than winning.


Suzanne Chatterton said...

Oh my! I remember many years of watching Ryan pitch. Christian has many years ahead of him to "gain his composure".

Sarah Joy said...

Pitching is so stressful! In our league the kids can't pitch until they are nine and then they can only pitch for two innings. They also have a cap of 6 innings per week. I just know when Riley started at nine it was the only thing that made my heart stop. Now I love watching him and don't feel stressed when he pitches, even when he gets really mad on the mound because he walks someone. A couple weeks ago I yelled at him from behind the backstop and told him that if he was going to quit mentally he could just leave the mound but that I didn't raise a quitter. I knew it woudl fire him up and he woudl put his emotion into the catchers mit.... boy did he ever! He threw the next two batters out to end the inning with no runs in. Now we have Reagan starting to pitch at nine years old! Baseball is just such fun and i love reading about Christian and Ryan! I so wish we could come see him play!