Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautiful Day

I think this day just might be perfection.
The weather looks perfect and I'm praying that the little attitudes I was dealing with last night have been swept away as they slept.
We don't have any big plans for the day other than yard work (the story of our lives) and a baseball game this afternoon. Fun! Fun!!

I do want to draw your attention to a blog that is listed on my sidebar. Please pray for my little buddy Ryan! He is a miracle baby, who's not a baby anymore :) He's struggling right now to recover from his most recent heart surgery. He could use your prayers. And so could his mommy...she's so amazing...has such a positive attitude, but let's be real - it's terrible to have your child in the hospital. So leave her a comment of encouragement...just let her know that you're praying for her sweet boy.

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Anonymous said...

I'm praying for Ryan and his mom. Anna