Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love these kids....

Story #1:
Christian got out of bed last night at 9:30 (keep in mind that he went to bed at 8:00). He was sobbing about a paper in his backpack that he forgot to tell me to sign. He was tired and overly emotional about it. So I put him back to bed, promised him that I would look at his paper and I told him to trust me and not worry about it anymore. He lays in bed every night and thinks about whatever for way too long. This morning when I woke him up the first thing he asked me was if I took care of his paper. I assured him that I did and then he started crying ...again and said....
"Mom, I just don't know what to do. I don't know what I should do about this."
I told him again that I took care of everything and that he needed to stop worrying about it, and he said...
"No, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm so sad because you always fix everything for me and make everything okay and I want to do something really, really super for Mother's Day and I don't know what to do."
Oh sweet boy! How I love that boy. So glad he's mine!

Story #2:
McKenna always snuggles with her daddy every night at bedtime or anytime she has a bad dream in the night or anytime she has growing pains that wake her up.
 Side note:She really does have terrible growing pains. Ryan had them as a child and she has a terrible time some nights. We have to rub her legs and give her warm baths. I always thought growing pains were some made up thing, but she has them for real. 
Anyway, Daddy isn't home tonight so I was laying in bed with her and she said,
"I love to snuggle daddy the best, but you smell really good!"

Story #3:
Christian talks about numbers all the time and he's always trying to teach McKenna how to do math problems or how to count to 100. For the record, he's probably the most impatient teacher I have ever known. But McKenna does her best to keep up with him and she has learned a thing or two. The other day she was heading out the door to go play and she looks back at me and says "Mom, I love you 100." I guess that's her way of saying she loves me a lot! Christian has also been trying to teach her the word "infinity." But she can't seem to remember the word, so she's always asking, "What's the last, biggest number?" I'll remind her that it's "infinity" and then she'll say something like "Oh I wish I had infinity doll clothes." or "I love Will infinity and I love you 100."

Story #4:
McKenna was looking at Christian's Lego magazine the other day and there was a picture of the new Legoland park in Florida. McKenna gasped and said "Is this place alive?? I really hope it's alive so we can go there." Don't worry her brother was quick to correct her and tell her that she should say "real" instead of "alive."

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