Friday, May 11, 2012

Her Pillow

 McKenna worked very hard on making a new "pillow" the other day. She was coloring this poster picture and kept telling me it was her pillow. Little did I know that she actually really did plan on using it as her pillow. I still can't believe she fell asleep on a piece of paper, but she pretty much does whatever she sets her mind to do.
And while I was taking pictures of sleep children, I snapped one of Christian too. ((sigh)))...his face is just so precious!  I canNOT believe Kindergarten will be over in less than a month. He's grown up so much this year and school has been such a good experience for him. I'm so thankful. I prayed and prayed about this first year of school for him and those prayers have been answered.

I didn't dare take a picture of Will sleeping. He most certainly would have woken up!

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