Tuesday, May 22, 2012

McKenna's BFF

 Gwennie is our neighbor and McKenna's best friend.
McKenna met Gwennie for the first time when she was six weeks old. Gwennie was just a few days old! Next year they'll be in the same preschool class and then the following year they will be riding the bus together to kindergarten.
 I asked McKenna to tell me about Gwennie and she said "She loves green, she loves dinosaurs, she loves penguins and Jesus."
They're scary aren't they! ha!

One of my biggest prayers for my kids is that they will have at least one good friend who loves the Lord each year in school. The Lord answered that prayer this year for Christian and he's already answering it for McKenna. Poor Will doesn't have any friends yet. But who needs friends when you've got the best brother & sister in the world.

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