Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Night to Celebrate Christian!

 He has walked down this hall hundreds of times this year, so it only seemed appropriate to snap a picture of him.
 Christian's teacher organized an Author's Tea where he was able to share his work from the entire school year. My favorite was this piece of fiction that he wrote about a kickball game. You can see his "dedication" page in this picture. He dedicated his book to Will.
 His story was called "The Best Kickball Game Ever." It was so cute!
 Even McKenna was interested.
 Oh seriously...he's so precious and has had the most amazing first year of school. I am so thankful!

 Even daddy was there, which was a huge deal. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to make it but earlier in the day McKenna told me that Christian was so excited about his author's tea because our whole family was going to be there. That resulted in a quick phone call to Ryan and he made it happen. He knows when it counts!
 Christian had an entire stack of priceless work to share with us. And when he was done sharing he served us all refreshments (you could tell his teacher had prepped him for this) and then he gave us a tour of his classroom.
 Another one of my favorite pieces was a book that he wrote in each month of the school year. It was so neat to look back at how much his handwriting and spelling had improved since September. Christian was actually the one showing me the difference.
 Reading to Dad.

 Then we headed down the hall to see Christian's artwork that was displayed in the art show! Who knows what on earth that is...he wasn't even sure. He told me it was supposed to be "abstract."
 He was so proud to have a piece of art in the art show...never mind the fact that all kindergarteners get to have something in the art show.
Then it was off to baseball! It was a busy night, but it was nice to be able to spend an evening recognizing and celebrating all of Christian's hard work this year.


Katy said...

Bless Ryan for doing whatever in the world he had to do to be there.....and good for you for being tuned in enough to KNOW it was one of those big deals!!! Isn't it amazing.to see how they grow and change so much over the course of the year?

Anonymous said...

Priceless times!