Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What did you learn today??

I've been asking that question every day so far this Kindergarten year and so far the answers have been rather hilarious. He hasn't learned anything academic so far which does not come as a surprise to me, I know it takes awhile to get the school year going. But he has learned lots of  "social things."

For example on day two he learned:
"Mom, did you know that if you miss your mom at school they won't let you go home? Even if you cry your eyes out you can't go home. This one girl cried all day and they still didn't let her go home."

Day four he learned:
"Mom, you are totally wrong about the library. You are allowed to be LOUD. I know because my whole class was really, really loud. Why did you always make me whisper in libraries?"


Amy said...

Ok, the library thing is hilarious!!!

Sarah Joy said...

Love it! Having just come from our school library helping K/1st graders learn the ropes I find the library part hysterical! Love that boy... Jude, now is when he starts being "smarter than you!"

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!!!