Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Navigating the murky waters of parenting a child in public school is challenging. We're on week two and it's hard. The actual school, teachers and academic part is great. The kids and social part is hard. Christian is sensitive. We've been hard on him and not allowed him to be mean. We've corrected him and disciplined him for being greedy or for being a show off or for being mouthy or rude or selfish. It hurts his feelings when other kids act like no-it-alls and make him feel bad about himself. It hurts my feeling too and makes me want to cry. The bottom line is that he is going to have to toughen up. He is going to have to learn to stand alone and be self assured.

Lord Jesus, I need wisdom and discernment to help him do that.

Thankfully he is talking to us about it and not keeping it inside. And he is recognizing the ugly rudeness and meanness in other kids and he knows it's not right.

This is hard!


Anonymous said...

Be encouraged!!!! Many kids start public kindergarten WITHOUT the skills that Christian has. Continue to train him in God's ways and he will learn to stand for what is right. We need more CHRISTIANS in our schools and the world!!!

So proud of him!


Katy said...

Yep - it is hard. But this is what the Bible talks about being IN the world and not OF it. Remember that you have done a WONDERFUL job of training and teaching him things - so its SO good that the behaviors he see in others stick out to him and he notices!!! It's okay for him to feel different - he SHOULD!! The firstborn kids tend to be more sensitive about these things, but he will learn to be strong and be okay with being different!! Keep it up!!