Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today Will is 6 months old!!! We've gotten to snuggle him and love him and kiss his chubby little cheeks for half a year now. How can that even be posssible??? He is such a JOY!

Will's Stats:
  • On the move big time!! He rolls everywhere. We are constantly dragging him out from under the couch or away from something dangerous.
  • Has 2 teeth on the bottom.
  • Can do an army crawl.
  • Is an okay sleeper (these days he just wakes me up at night because he's rolled into a corner and can't figure out how to get back onto his annoying)
  • Likes to smile
  • Beginning to develop some stranger anxiety
  • Loves to laugh at Christian & McKenna
  • No official stats on weight or height because I forget to make a 6 mo. pediatrican appointment for him (poor third child), so we'll have to wait a month for the official word, but I think he's getting taller and thinner. Starting to loose some baby fat and look more like a little boy.
  • Eats: applesauce, rice cereal, peas, green beans, bananas, blueberries, sweet potatoes and his favorite squash!
  • Hates cold food. It makes him gag, so I warm up all his baby food.
So in honor of Will's 6 month birthday we're going to set up his jumperoo today and see how he likes it!! He loves his exersaucer, so I'm hoping the Jumperoo is a hit!


ginny said...

He is such a dear, sweet boy (can't call him baby boy anymore). I love the picture of him in his party hat. Also, the cake looks great!
Love, Grandmom

the mccollums... said...

a big cake for a big boy! :) you're so good about listing all his, not so much on a blog but i do have a little baby book! :) Maryn's favorite is squash too! yum! Happy 1/2 birthday!