Sunday, September 18, 2011


It was sort of a miserable weekend around here.
Ryan had a migraine that started on Friday and he's still got it. No fun.
Will and McKenna both have bad colds.
My throat is sore.
Will does not nap at all during the day. It's been four days now of no naps.
It's making me insane.

Christian is great.
He was so happy ((almost)) all weekend.
I saw his smile almost every time I looked at him.
He did crafts and played with McKenna.
He rode is bike & his scooter & played basketball.
He made us all have a picnic dinner this evening and then he put on a "show" for us by doing tricks on his scooter.
We collected leaves for a class project.
He rode bikes with the neighbor kids (that's a big deal, we haven't had neighbor kids to ride bikes with until recently).
He had a good weekend and I'm thankful the rest of our misery didn't seem to affect him.
Tonight he just wanted to lay in bed and talk.
I told him that I could see Jesus living in him this weekend.
I really could.
If you've been reading this blog for ...oh a few know that it's been a hard fought battle with Christian.
He has been extremely hard to parent.
So many times I failed and felt like I was completely ill equipped to be his mom.
There were some ugly and painful moments.
It hurts my heart to even think about them.
I can't dwell on it because it just makes me want to cry. For real.
But all the frustration and prayers and tears and sacrifice has been well worth it.
It has taken years and years of seeking God's help....
I am so PROUD of the six year old that he is today!!!
And believe it or not, I can actually say that I am thankful that God gave me a difficult child to parent early on. I'm so thankful that he humbled me and that he saw fit to give me this precious challenge named Christian. I am certain that I have a much closer walk with the Lord because of Christian.
I am much less judgemental of others because of Christian.
I also have a head full of gray hair because of Christian.
And I know that there will be challenges ahead but Christian has a strong foundation now. He knows who he is. He has a strong sense of right and wrong. He has a compassionate heart. And even at six years old I can tell that he is serious about his desire to please the Lord with his life!

I just have to give you an example of how awesome he is!!
Yesterday he was outside with McKenna and Ryan was in bed with his darn migraine and Will was screaming because he was exhausted but wouldn't sleep.
So Christian was in charge of McKenna and they were riding bikes in the driveway.
I kept worrying about McKenna riding her bike out into the road, so I went out into the garage and told Christian to put something in the driveway and to tell her that she wasn't allowed to go past it. And Christian said "Mom, will you just look at the driveway...I already did that."
Without me saying a word he had laid a rope across the driveway and told her that she wasn't allowed to cross the rope.
Who would have ever dreamed he would be that responsible!

Tonight I was making him a bedtime snack and he said, "Well since you're helping me, what could I do around here to help you??"

So I guess the weekend wasn't all bad! I've got a pretty awesome kid that I get to love on everyday!
I'm one blessed mommy mom! Christian told me that big kids don't say "mommy."


Courtney said...

wow, judy. i can SO relate (i had a HARD fight with my oldest until she was 6, too!) doesn't it makes all these moments THAT much sweeter??

Anonymous said...

My heart is leaping for joy!!! I'm not even his mom (or a relative) and I could just cry! These are those precious moments in life that God gives us that make me say...WOW...and Thank You Jesus!!!

You have done a wonderful job training him up and now you get to see the fruit of your labors. Give that kiddo (oh..maybe I can't use that term with him anymore either) a big tickle for me!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful when God allows us to see the growth and fruit in our children's lives. What a blessing for you. Anna :)