Monday, February 8, 2010

You're Invited!!

McKenna's turning two,
and she wants to celebrate with YOU!

McKenna loves to make messes,
with dress up shoes, hats and dresses.

She's always finding something new to wear,
on her feet, her hands and even in her hair!

She is the light of our lives,
it's pure joy to see the world through her eyes.

But we know that their are lots of little girls,
who would love to have pretty dresses and pearls. Align Center

So this year we're going to work to make those dreams come true,
for some little girls who have dreamed for years of something new!

I hope you're ready because we need you,
to help us be a blessing to a few.


So here's the plan:

Please join us at McKenna's house for a playdate party on February 16th at 10am.

Please bring a new or gently used clothing item for a child age 5 or under that lives in Malawi, Africa. Please only bring dresses or skirts for the girls. The girls do not wear pants in Malawi.

As many of you already know my college roomate Jamie (pictured below) is spending a year in Malawi and she is working with the ministry Serving In Missions with their orphan care program. And Jamie has expressed to me what a need they have for decent clothes for these kids. So please join us in blessing these children!

These children (pictured below) live down the street from Jamie. You'll notice the boy on the end is wearing hot pink pants that clearly do NOT fit him. That breaks my heart and makes me feel so selfish when I open my children's closets!

So won't you join us for a party with a purpose next week??
Well, I know it's impossible for some of you to join us since you live so far away! So here's how you can participate.
As you can imagine shipping these clothes is going to be very expensive!! If it were cheap we would all probably send our hand-me-downs to Africia, but it costs about $50 to ship 10 lbs. And I'm commited to sending as many clothes as we can, so if you can't come to the party could you just send McKenna a birthday card with $2.o0 in it? Two dollars because McKenna's turning two and because it really will add up quickly and help us to cover the cost of shipping these clothes. And if you just love to shop and are dying to send an outfit to Malawi, then you can do that too!

McKenna is going to open all her cards at her party next week and I'm going to post a video of McKenna opening all the birthday cards she gets, so hurry and get your card in the mail.

If you don't know our address and would like an official invite, then leave a comment on this post with your email address (and let me know who you are if I don't already know you) and I'll email you McKenna's official party invitation!

P.S. No presents for McKenna please! Let's just focus on blessing these kids in Malawi!


Becki said...

What a wonderful idea! Can you email us your new address?

Sarah Joy said...

got some things this morning and am going through our out grown bin now. package will be mailed tomorrow. I am going to send you as much boy stuff as I can in the box I have!

Courtney said...

send me your address?
sorry..i'm just getting caught up on might not get there in time! but i'll send something to cover the shipping costs!

The Kirkland's said...

Hey Judy I am just now reading this blog post but I would love to send McKenna a card to help with shipping cost. Jamie and I worked together at our church when she lived here in Florida and she is such a wonderful person. Please email me your address so I know where to send the card.