Saturday, February 13, 2010

More snow pictures....can you tell I'm running out of ideas for good titles??

All three of my love bugs all bundled up!
Christian was trying to be such a good big brother by pulling McKenna around. He was pretty disappointed when she cried the whole time.
King of the hill.

Our home.
This girl loves her daddy!

This didn't last long. The tires kept spinning in the snow, but he really wanted to try it. So he did and then he quickly moved on to other things.
McKenna had been looking out the window at her house for days. She was pretty worried about it because at one point it was almost completely covered with snow. But she was thrilled when I helped her get inside despite the mounds of snow surrounding it.
There's nothing like sledding on fresh snow!
Our snow fort was nothing special, but Christian thought it was grand.

McKenna actually joined Christian in his snow fort.

My sweet little girl wouldn't keep her gloves on.

And then she fussed everytime she put her hand in the snow. But she loved it! We have all loved having this extra time together.

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Katy said...

i wondered how you'd enjoy your new house in the first BIG snow - what fun pictures! i LOVE them!