Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank You!

McKenna's Malawi Party was yesterday!!
So fun!
Thanks to everyone who came and all of you out there in cyber space we have tons and tons of clothes to send to Africa!

I still need to actually count everything, but I have a feeling we have about 70 pieces of clothing for the kids in the orphan care program in Malawi!

And all the cards and packages were so much fun for McKenna to open!

I am particularly thankful for the cards. I'm still not quite sure exactly how much this is going to cost to ship everything but I think we've got about half the shipping costs covered.

I love seeing what God can do through a bunch of us giving just a little!

Thanks for helping to make McKenna's day so special! And thank you for blessing some sweet orphans in Africa! I'll keep you posted on the project and more pictures of McKenna's birthday will be coming!

P.S. Remember I told you I would take some video of McKenna opening everything??? Well, I did.'ll have to turn your head sideways. I was distracted and wasn't thinking about what I was doing and took all the video sideways. NICE. ((sigh)). I have more video, but I'll spare you the agony. I'm just posting the shortest clip!

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