Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank You!

We got some fun Valentine packages today! Thanks for the fun surprises Grammy and Grampy!
Christian was thrilled with his new Lightning McQueen activity book. He has a slight obsession these days with good old McQueen thanks to the Wii game he has. We've started a new behavior system this week in which he has to earn time on the Wii by having good behavior. It's helping big time with some attitude issues we've been having.
I love it when McKenna opens presents because she screams with excitement every time she opens something new

And some more Valentine surprises from Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Beez, Gracey and Zavier! Thanks guys!

McKenna got right down to business eating her candy.

And then she did this (notice the color categorization) and she clapped for herself.
Okay, ignore the part at the beginning where I correct McKenna for throwing M&Ms on the floor. I just had to share this video of McKenna counting. She counts perfectly to the number 11 and I think she has 12 & 13 down too! WooHooo...this is especially exciting for me considering Christian didn't even say "mama" until he was two. He was totally speech delayed and I worried and worried, but now he won't be quiet :) So I'm am totally thrilled to pieces that McKenna is counting!
And last but not least, look what's starting to pile up for McKenna's Malawi Party!!! I just love getting the mail these days! I can't wait to see all the clothes and card you guys have sent for the orphans in Malawi, Africa. We had to postpone the party due to some snow we were supposed to get last night, but it didn't end up being much. We could have had the party, but now we're having it Friday. And I can't wait! If you haven't read my post about the party then make sure you click HERE!


Katy said...

what a great idea judy - i wasn't on the blog at all last week because of some issues we had with our internet service, but what a GREAT idea!! can't wait to see the pics from the party!

the mccollums... said...

Wow...look at those boxes! How exciting! I'm so excited for it!

Julie and Chris said...

WOW Judy, that counting is AWESOME! I can imagine how excited you as I understand what it is like living with a speech delayed little boy!