Thursday, April 12, 2012

Will: 13 Months

  This little boy reminds me so much of his big brother at this age. Will is on the move with his little walker. He has two of them and is all over this house. He can even steer them around and over things. And sometimes when someone is chasing him he actually runs. But he will NOT deliberately walk. As soon as we try to get him to walk on his own or even by holding onto one of our hands, he sits right down. He will not take a step for us. Not one little step.
I'm not too worried about it because I've actually seen him take steps quite often all on his own when he forgets that he's not holding onto something.
He pulls up on everything and cruises all the time. He's constantly getting hurt. It's so sad. He has bumped his head and smashed his fingers or fallen over too many times to even count.

Will's favorite toys are doors, tv remotes and the vacuum cleaner. And that's why he only got snacks for Easter.

Other stats:
Eats table food
Still loves his bottle
Says "uh-oh, dada, Chrish, this & hat"
Naps very little
Hates the feel of grass
Laughs & laughs at Christian and McKenna
 Thinks it's funny to quack like a duck
crawls, cruises & walks with his walker
loves baths
hates diaper changes
size 4 diaper
Size 12-18 month clothes

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Anonymous said...

You forgot, has the sweetest smile.