Monday, April 30, 2012

Blessing Brunch

 This past weekend I had the honor of pulling off a surprise party for one very unsuspecting friend!  I co-hosted a "Blessing Brunch" for my sweet friend Lori! She has bravely battled cancer over the last several months and that girl can now proudly call herself a survivor!!! WooHoo!!! Go Lori!!!!
(some people left before I was able to get a group shot...but here's a picture of a few of the girls).
 I moved a few extra tables into the dinning room and got out the good china because Lori deserved a fancy celebration!
 I love the pinterest inspired veggie tray.

 We encouraged everyone to bring a small gift of encouragement for Lori. Everyone came up with the most thoughtful cards, lotion, a blessing candle, the Jesus Calling devotional, flowers, etc. It was just perfect!!
 It was a great time of fellowship...
 ...lots of laughter and a few teary eyes....
 ...and we all got to pray God's blessing for Lori's life! 
We are so thankful for her and the healing God is working in her life!!

I hope you all to remember this idea and just put it in the back of your brain somewhere. Unfortunately, we will all probably know someone diagnosed with cancer at some point in our lives and it is a cruel disease. I saw the idea of a "comfort shower" on another blog and just knew I had to do it for my sweet friend Lori! (I'm so glad I stumbled upon the idea...I take no credit for coming up with this and I couldn't have done it without my sweet friend Millicent). I wanted nothing more than for Lori to feel loved and encouraged and I think we pulled it off!


Courtney said...

what a BEAUTIFUL idea!!!

Katy said...

How awesome is that!!! Love the idea! Good for you for being sensitive to the Lords leading on this!!!