Tuesday, March 13, 2012


McKenna is not very patient. Not even a little bit. It's something I need to be very purposeful in working on with her. So today when we got in the car to drive 20 minutes to Will's well visit check up, I told her we were going to practice being patient.

To start things off I asked her what she thought patience was.

McKenna's definition of patience: It's when your mom is on the phone and you're not allowed to talk!

So apparently I tell her to be patient a lot when I'm on the phone. ha! That girl is always interrupting me.

So I explained that patience is when you have to wait or take your time and you're happy and not fussy about it.

Then I whipped out a package of marshmallow peeps. Oh my word she wanted them. I promised her that I would absolutely give her one, but that she was going to have to wait AND BE PATIENT for 2 minutes. During that 2 minutes she could not ask for one or ask me if the 2 minutes was up yet. At the end of 2 minutes, if she didn't mention the peep I would give one to her.

She failed in under a minute. So we had to start over again. The second time she made it the whole 2 minutes without asking or mentioning the game and she was rewarded with her precious peep. I think this might be our new car game. She is always wanting something in the car ...a song, a toy, a snack and it's the perfect time to practice patience.

Next time I tell her to be patient, I think she'll have a better idea of what I'm expecting her to do! Let's hope.

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Anonymous said...

Very creative! I like it. Anna :-)