Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On Top of the World

 We went on a family hike at a place by our house called "High Rock." I love this picture, but you also better believe I only let them stand there for about one second.
 I was there, although that fact is not documented in pictures. I think I was too busy hyperventilating and making sure everyone was holding an adults hand so they did not plunge to an early death. I'm not kidding, this place was a tad bit dangerous!
Will was such a good sport. He started throwing up in the middle of our hike. Poor baby. And that officially kicked off our 3rd stomach bug of 2012. Thankfully we all survived and everyone is perfectly healthy again.

My kids thought the graffiti was pretty. That's just because they don't have any idea what those words are actually saying :)   It was a fun day. I can't wait to go back when no one is throwing up!!


Katy said...

What a view!!! When we go camping and hiking I am always a total.nervous wreck and totally stressed out. I feel your pain :)

Millicent said...

High Rock always makes me so nervous. Especially when it's crowded and kids are running everywhere!!!