Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Dr. Seuss' Birthday!

Kids just love to celebrate EVERYTHING!!!! 
So make sure you read your favorite Dr. Seuss book today!!!!  
Your kids can go HERE to play some cute Dr. Seuss online games.
HERE's a cute coloring page!
You can print a super easy addition worksheet for preschool/kindergarten HERE!!
A Cat in the Hat wordfind (Found HERE) would be great for any school aged child.

More printable coloring pages HERE.

 Check out this adorable green eggs and bacon snack!!

This super creative mom, packed her kids lunches with a green eggs and ham theme.
A very simple way to make Cat in the Hat snacks!
My personal favorite are these Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes!!
And if you're not in a crafty mood, just pop some popcorn and read Hop on Pop!!!!

Have a Seuss-filled day!!!!
I'll have to post a picture later of my own little "Thing 2" that I sent off to Kindergarten this morning. He absolutely refused to have blue hair...I don't blame him, but he still looked cute and was excited about the day.

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