Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh Great! ha!

Just guess what the name of the new 2012 American Girl doll is???

Any guesses??

I got two emails about it already this morning.

I'll give you a hint. We happen to have someone by the same name in our house!

You guessed it....MCKENNA!!!

Until I saw this I was perfectly content to never own an American Girl doll. The knock-off dolls that Target sells for 1/5 of the price sounded good to me.  And they're super cute and come with adorable accessories. But "McKenna" is only available for one year, then she'll be discontinued, so I should at least buy the books...right? Oh know we're going to have to get her. Do you think McKenna is too young for a real doll?  She still plays with baby dolls and is loving her doll house right now. Maybe it's a purchase that needs to be made for Christmas next year.

Maybe my mom will read this and feel inspired to splurge on McKenna :)


Anonymous said...

She looks cute. We'll have to figure out a way to get her.

Anonymous said...

Finding anything with McKenna's name on it is impossible. I've looked at Christmas ornaments, mugs, etc. Mckenna must be an unusual name. A doll by that name is a real find!

Anonymous said...

I would go ahead and get the doll but hold on to it for a few years. The American Dolls are made for older girls and will not withstand any rough handling. They make bitty baby dolls that are good for little girls. The dolls can be reconditioned if they get messed up but it is very expensive to do so.
=Michelle (Aggiema)

Millicent said...

Maybe by Christmas she would be good. Or like Michelle said--hold onto it for a few years.
I'll also add that our "grandmom" is the one who has bought Natalie's American Girl dolls ;)
You could also get her for next Christmas and have her be a special "sit on the shelf" doll until she's older.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Millicent.

Anonymous said...

You definitely have to buy the McKenna doll! Plus she is a determined girl just like your McKenna.


Holly said...

My mom has been asking me if the girls are ready for an American Girl doll. She has bought two for my nieces and I think she's ready to get a cute red haired doll or two for our household! But even Kate isn't into them yet (I'm planning to start reading her the books this year so maybe by next Christmas she'll want one???). But I would get the McKenna doll and hang onto it until she's ready. One day she'll love it!

Anonymous said...

You have to get her for your little McKenna! My youngest daughter is a little older than your McKenna and got her first doll at 4 (her older sister was getting one too). She loves her. We actually went to the store and got McKenna today with a gift card Grandma gave them. She's precious!!

Suzanne Chatterton said...

I'm a Grandma who buys the American Girl dolls-and I love it! At age 2 the girls get the Bitty Baby and when they are five they get an American Girl doll of their choice. This year Brooklyn actually got anothr one for her 7th birthday. We take the train to Chicago and have a wonderful time. I intend to continue the tradition. I can't imagine passing on the McKenna doll

Heather said...

You absolutely have to get her the McKenna doll :o)