Saturday, January 28, 2012


I wish I was talking about something pleasant, like a trip to Norwalk Connecticut, but no. I'm talking about the virus. You know the Norwalk Virus that you always hear about people getting on cruise ships?? Well, that's what we've got running through our family right now. Apparently there has been a little outbreak in our area. Will started it all on Monday. I'm convinced that he must have caught it from the nursery at church. It's the only place he had been. You know he puts everything in his mouth and unfortunatley he likes to put his hands in my mouth too. Oh that slobbery little boy. Then Wednesday night around midnight I called my mom to come to our rescue. Ryan and I were both vomitting like it was our job and both Will and McKenna were too. Oh the misery.  By some miracle of God, Christian and my mom have been spared. But the rest of us are continuing to feel not quite right.

What a winter we've had. The last 6 weeks have been some of the most unpleasant of my life. And yet there have been lots of good things going on too. Right now I can hear a little girl giggling with her daddy while they're playing the basement. Christian brought home a stellar report card yesterday. Will is talking more and more. Christian's dear little thumb sucking ways are almost a thing of the past...we're making huge progress (don't worry I'll blog all about what's worked and what hasn't when I'm sure we're's a hard, hard habit to break). And we've all had a LOT of time together.

Christian enjoyed his very first snow day off from school.

Christian & McKenna made a huge snowball that they were so proud of. They also made some pretty decent looking snowmen and they played school (on Christian's day off). McKenna's favorite part was when I let them pack their lunches in lunchboxes. We had to put her lunch in a lunchbox pretty much every day this week.

So pray that our little visit from Mr. Norwalk is over quickly. I think we're wrapping it up around here, but boy am I exhausted and I can't wait until Spring!


Katy said...

Oh Judy that's awful. It always seems like when anything goes around, it hits you guys twice as hard!!! Rest up - hopefully fresh air is around the corner!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you guys are sick again! (((hugs))) and prayers for quick recovery. Anna