Monday, January 9, 2012


I am not a huge football fan. In fact, I guess you could say I'm not a football fan at all considering I've never watched an entire game from start to finish. But lately I've had a reason to start paying attention. It's interesting that the media doesn't seem to have any problem with a player having multiple drug convictions or with having spent some time in jail, but they're all over a guy who prays. What a ridiculous double standard. So I don't know what team you're rooting for, but I have loved seeing Tim Tebow defy the odds over and over again. I wish there were more players like him!!! And I love it that I can show this video to Christian and show him how tough guys can love Jesus too!


Anonymous said...

Even though he helped beat our beloved Steelers, I like him. I think he's true blue and a great role model. I pray he's surrounded himself with Godly people that will help keep him grounded during all this attention. And I'm routing hard for him and the Broncos this week. Anna :-)

Sarah Joy said...

Riley has watched Tebow all through college and now in the NFL is watching something amazing. When he first started noticing him when he played in FL, we did our research and found that he was an incredible Christian man. We strongly encouraged Riley to continue to choose positive role models like him. We pray all the time that the Lord would keep Tebow pure and righteous before him, there are tons of kids looking up to him and he is having a huge impression on them. Riley loves to watch Sports Center and come tell me what the media is saying about him.. kind of funny. Totally giving us great teachable moments!