Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We got just a little bit of snow this morning. Just a dusting, but Christian, Nathan and Abby were glued to the window for almost an hour watching it come down. There was lots of squealing and dancing around. Oh the excitment!!

If you look carefully you can see a few flakes coming down and two excited Marshall kids peeking out the window. That's Abby on the left lifting up the blinds.

And so in honor of the first snow we read one of my favorite books. I love tradition and this one has become a "first snow" tradition. It's about a sweet little hedgehog who give his hat, mittens and scarf to his other animal friends in need, even though his house was blown away by a storm. His little animal friends end up giving him an "extreme home make-over" of sorts. It's a very sweet story. I thought Abby was going to cry. Even McKenna liked it because it also has "touch and feel" aspect to it! Great book!
He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes. Psalm 147:16


Katy said...

I wondered if you would get some today!!! We were watching the Steelers game on Sunday and saw the snow up there and wondered if you had any yet. how exciting - i'm very jealous!! :)

and by the way- how is ryan feeling? is he totally recovered from his little procedure? :) He seemed totally normal from his ND event!!!

heatherlm said...

A friend of mine that lives in the next town over saw snow yesterday and Rob said that he saw a few flurries on his way home from work. I didn't have any at home and ....I'm really okay with that! Hope everyone is well and Ryan gets this "cramp" worked out.

Anonymous said...

I love that sweet book! What a great way to celebrate the first snowfall, or should I say snowflakes. Don't forget to teach them the song "Susie Snowflake".

Heather said...

You're so lucky to get some snow...I haven't seen it in YEARS! That would be fun to start a "first snow" tradition...maybe I can do a "first rain of the season"...or better yet, "first nor'easter" of the year.....since we live so close to the water the wind is ALWAYS blowing in the winter, I can hear trashcans blowing outside right now...maybe I could read about the first "big gusts" of the winter!

Heidi said...

Judy you always have something creative to celebrate special moments- big or little! You put me to sham!! :) Bryson was very excited to see snow too. His reasoning- if snows coming that means Christmas is almost here! :)

Jenn said...

i am sooo jealous! i have been dreaming of snow for the past week now.
btw, what is the "susie snowflake" song?