Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Love America

I love Election Day and what it represents for our country. What an honor to be able to take my gang and go vote today. Abby was really excited about going to vote today. Emma has been talking about this election non-stop because they did kid's voting today in school and she had to wear red, white and blue, etc. So Abby has heard a lot about the election, mainly from Emma.
Well, we pulled into the parking lot at the polling place and Abby says "Where are they?"
I was confused and said, "Where is who?"
Abby replies; "You know the Bama guy and McCain."
She totally thought Obama and McCain were going to be there at the polls and that we were going to tell them who we liked the best. I told her that they weren't there and she asked if we could stay until they got there. Isn't she sweet and so innocent! So voting ended up being a little disappointing for her, but she understands the process now and she understands the importance of voting. We were actually the only people in the polling place (no waiting in line for us, although I was prepared with snacks and sippy cups), other than the 12 staffers. So all the staffers were very sweet (especially after I told them that she was disappointed the Obama and McCain weren't there) and they all thanked Abby for coming with me to vote. She felt very important!
Christian was very proud that he went to vote! He even got to go in one of those little booths by himself. His favorite part was when the machine ate my ballot (You know that electronic box you put your paper ballot in? No computerized stuff out her in small town America)!

I thought it would be nice to get a picture of all the kids with their voting stickers on, but Nate was mad because I made him get out of the car by himself (no more picking him up). The sun was apparently shining in Christian's eyes. And McKenna could have cared less abou this picture. But Abby looks cute!


the*4*of*us said...

you should send that picture to www.mommylife.net! Natalie thought they'd be there, too...cute!

heatherlm said...

Hey Judy. Talk about small town....We actually have an old wooden box that has to be cranked by hand! Faith's entire school got to vote yesterday. They all got "I voted" stickers too. I do an after school program and the presidential candidates were all they were talking about. Amazing! When I was in school we never discussed this kind of stuff. Love the pictures as always! Your blog looks so pretty. I just might have to have you make mine look as nice.

Katy said...

I can't believe you just walked right in! I waited 2 hours here!! I love the whole process too - and so do my kids. Josiah was in school yesterday morning and he was sort of bummed that he wasn't going to get to go with us!