Saturday, November 15, 2008

Notre Dame's Newest Fan

(This is the sign all the players tap on their way onto the field. Apparently I would know this is I ever bothered to watch the movie "Rudy.")
I am really going to disappoint all of you football fans out there with my lack of knowledge of this sport. But here goes....Ryan went to Notre Dame a few weekends ago with some guys from work. Ryan's college roomate, Graham, is a baseball coach at Notre Dame, so he got the guys on field passes to a football game. Ryan got a behind the scenes tour of the campus! And the guys got into a tailgate party for the six figure donors at Notre Dame. According to Ryan, all of this is a very big deal and he had a great guys weekend.

Ryan on the field just before the game.

In front of the quarter backs locker.
Not quite sure who that is, I just know Ryan almost got tackled taking this picture!
So this is Ryan's newest form of entertainment...trying to get himself in pictures with famous people. Anyone remember Sarah Palin? The blonde in this picture is some famous sports caster for NBC.

Ryan and the quarter back, Jimmy Clausen.

Ryan's boss Greg is a huge Notre Dame fan! This was like a dream come true for him.
Another one of Ryan's co-workers, Brian.

Yes, yes! I know he's standing next to a cheerleader. Apparently she just jumped in the picture! At least he's not pictured with the whole squad! That's another one of Ryan's co-workers named Greg!

Go Irish!


the mccollums... said...

Yeah for Ryan!! Thats so great that he was able to go for the game and get the first class tour...what a fun guys trip!

Go Irish is what I've been hearing since I married Daniel...well, at least from his side of the family! My brother in law went to Notre Dame so we stay up with Irish football...I've never seen Rudy either but apparently its my brother in law's pick for our first child's name...anyway, ND always makes its way into conversations around here. I"m with you...its just kinda sad that I really have no idea about the sport or really care at all! Glad that Ryan had fun!

Sarah Joy said...

"Go Irish" were some of Riley's first words since we lived five minutes from ND campus! Love that place--- so beautiful there and the football is great!

Anonymous said...

That's really cool. I like the picture of him with the quarterback. :) Anna

Anonymous said...

I think ND played NAvy at the Raven's stadium this weekend and I think they won. I saw it on the news this morning and thought I'd pass it along!
Otherwise, I'd have never known- I don't watch football!

Heather said...

I am by no means a ND fan, but that would definitely be a very exciting weekend! Looks like fun!
Heather W.

Katy said...

These pictures crack me up!! This reminds me of Jamie's pictures from LU with our own "famous" people in the background!!! What a FUN trip for him...although it's another boys trip for him. When is your GIRLS trip to Chesapeake!!!! :)