Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bits and Pieces of our Day

This post is going to be all over the place! You might get dizzy just reading it :)
1. I'm starting to figure out how to handle this sick little girl of mine. I thought I would share a few things that I've recently learned. Since McKenna has basically been on an antibiotic since August her digestive system is a mess. She has horrible diarrhea all the time. But this time I seem to have it relatively under control because of the two products above. I had no idea Yo Baby made a drinkable yogurt, but I give McKenna four oz of this in her bottle once a day and she literally cries when it's gone. She LOVES it and the active cultures in it help to maintain the good bacterial in her intestinal track. If you've got a baby under a year I would ask your doctor before giving them dairy. I never gave Christian dairy until he was a year old, but it's necessary with McKenna right now. I also nursed Christian for a year and McKenna isn't getting that benefit anymore because of all my asthma issues and the medicine I have to be on.
The other product is something I had never heard of called Culturelle. It is little capsules of active cultures (same thing that's in yogurt) in a powder form. I mix it in with her baby food and it really seems to be making a difference. They make this for adults too. So if you hate yogurt and are on an antibiotic this might be a great over the counter product for you!

2. I always get our prescriptions filled at our local pharmacy with a drive thru. (Don't you just love drive thrus?) But I went to Target for this latest antibiotic and look what they have!! I'm so excited! No more trying to get the last of the medication out of the bottom of the bottle. You just put the syringe in, turn the bottle upside down and wa la! Oh how the little things in life bring me such delight! Target just got a new pharmacy customer!

3. Don't hate me for this one...but look what I've been doing!! I'm almost done my Christmas shopping (I started last March :) and I was starting to forget what I had and who I still needed to shop for. So I started wrapping and I even broke my "no Christmas music before Thanksgiving" rule. Christian has learned to read his name because he examined the name tag on each present to see if it was for him. It's so cute, he identifies his name by the "c" in the beginning and the two "i's" in it.

4. Bless his heart, Christian really does try to do the right thing. This is our basement couch. The couch that the cushions are off of more than they are on. I never ever sit on this couch because the cushions are usually a house, a boat, a fort, you get the idea. So this has become a little frustrating to me and so the new rule is you must put them back at the end of the day. Christian thinks it's like doing a puzzle because the cushions have to fit a certain way. He's finally starting to figure it out! Not perfect but getting there.
The other thing that Christian is getting better about is clearing the table after he's done eating. He has to put his plate and cup in the sink. A few days ago I noticed that his plate and cup were ending up in the sink but there were no utensils in there. After a little questioning Christian told me that he just puts them back in the drawer after he licks them clean. Oh dear! He does try to do the right thing. Please don't be scared to come eat at my house. I think we've got this situation resolved.
5. One of Christian's newest activities is to pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We already turned in our boxes at church but he is really worried about "the kids with no toys" and he is constantly finding some container to fill with toys for these kids.

6. And of course I couldn't wrap up this post with out including a picture of at least one of my sweeties! This is "nice doggy!"

7. This is "ferocious doggy!"
8. Hope you're having a great weekend! Make sure you vote (only once) in the poll I put on the sidebar. I'm so curious to see what everyone does. I must say I was a little shocked when I read that one of my friends on facebook already has her tree up! Oh my word!


Jenn said...

well this year our tree is going up the weekend before thanksgiving just because that's when we will all be around to do it! it's crazy but it sure will be pretty to enjoy for over a month this time!! :)

Sarah Joy said...

Love all your tips-- I should post some of ours, we have a ton!!! What I love about Target is the color coded system... Reagan is green, Riley is orange and Scott-Wesley is blue. They all (not Scott) know their color and it makes it easy to figure out who gets what when they are all sick at the same time. I alos love the syringe part and that they supply a syringe for each bottle in your order!! OPne day I pray Target gets on board with the drive through--- they would take over the pharmacy world if they did!

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing your tips...I'll have to keep those in mind. Looks like you all have been busy, as usual.

I always decorate for Christmas the weekend of Thanksgiving....I like for it to be up and then be able to sit back and enjoy it. Last year I had to put the trees up before Thanksgiving (but I waited to decorate them) since I had to have my Dad do it because Kristian was only 6 weeks post-op and was basically USELESS last fall! Oh, how this fall is so much easier...I almost forgot!
Heather W.

the*4*of*us said...

I have only done a little christmas shopping--I love waiting to the last minute :)
Good for you on the probiotics! I don't think many people realize what those meds do to little tummies. Also, please watch her teeth...that was one of the problems with Natalie' many ear infections for 2 years and the antibiotics weakened her teeth so bad :(

Katy said...

I LOVE your red & white paper - it's beautiful!!! And yes, I love the Target pharmacy droppers- they are the BEST!

Luis and Christy said...

As a loyal reader of your beautiful blog I knew just where to go when Gabe needed meds thanks to your write up. How cool is it that Target also takes emailed prescriptions so they had his info even though we had never been there before -- including his insurance. Yep, we love Target for a new reason now.