Monday, March 11, 2013

It's all about Will

 Hi guys! It's me...Will.
 Did you know I turned 2 today!

 I even get my own milkshakes now. No one wants to share with me anymore because I drink the whole thing.
 Do you like my monkey hat?
 You can't see me!!!!
 My monkey hat makes me silly!
 I like to watch "Sissy" at gymnastics!

I don't know what's wrong with my mom. I pitched a fit about how bad I wanted this "choo choo" cup and she actually bought it. She must be tired or something....usually that trick doesn't work.
That's all for now! I'll be back soon to show you what I got for my birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Will!!!! I don't know how your mom could so no to such cuteness!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd birthday to a real cutie!!!! I'm sure you had a wonderful day! Love, debbie g

Millicent said...

Happy Birthday sweet Will!!!