Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Girl

On the morning of McKenna's birthday she decided that we weren't allowed to sing to her (she was still embarrassed from the singing at preschool) and I wasn't allowed to take her picture. I decided it didn't really matter and I knew she would get over it, so here's a picture of her new backpack. Can you believe she's never had a backpack before?? She's been using Christian's old Thomas the Train backpack for year and now Will has sort of claimed that one, so it was time to buy a pink one.
Will was so cute giving McKenna her present.

A Barbie guitar.

New clothes for her doll and a matching set for her too.

Notice the little boy "helping" in each one of these pictures. McKenna is so sweet, she didn't mind a bit.

A Lalaloopsy party!!!
A car for her dolls to ride in!

Assembling toys is never fun.

I love the look on her face when we're singing to her. I'm glad she finally decided she was okay with us singing.

She is so much fun to celebrate!

Christian worked hard to make McKenna feel special on her birthday too.
Notice which part of the cake McKenna ended up with!

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