Friday, December 16, 2016

HONOR one another this CHRISTmas!

I've seen lots and lots of articles about how many gifts to give your kids for Christmas. After awhile you could actually start to feel ashamed if you give your kids more than 3 presents. Some people have practically turned the "minimal Christmas present" strategy into a commandment from God. After all, Jesus only got 3 presents on Christmas. Hmmmm...that is totally taking the Bible out of context. If fact, I don't think God cares how many presents you give your kids for Christmas. I think he cares much more about our hearts and their hearts.

This post is not about how many presents you give you kids.
If you give your kids (3) presents... that's awesome!!!
If you give them (1) present.... I completely respect your reasoning behind it.
If you give your kids (50) presents... make sure you read to the end of this post!

 (Christian opening a present from one of his siblings last year)

At our house we budget a certain amount of money for each child and that's how much we spend. The only thing we count is the dollar amount not the number of presents. This year Christian is getting very few presents because he is getting a more expensive gift. Will on the other hand will be busy opening things because his big gift is a scooter, that I got on sale, that hardly cost anything.

There are (2) main things that we strive for at Christmas.
1. We stick to a budget so we don't have January regret.
2. HONOR!!!! We teach honor through gift giving.

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