Thursday, April 3, 2014

Will is THREE!!!

He loves Peter Rabbit!
He got a cool car!
His favorite present was probably this train track from Christian. This was actually Chrstian's when he was three and Christian decided to pass it down to Will.
Sissy was so happy to give a Will her present...a basketball hoop for the back of the door.

Loving his train track.
What a cutie! We love him so much.

We're keeping all the Peter Rabbit decor up for Easter!

Dear Will,

Our entire family adores you! I mean...every single one of us! You're McKenna's little boy that she loves to play with and boss around. She has taught you how to play and use your imagination. She's always creating some imaginary world and you're right there with her playing along.

You are the only person in our family that Christian will kiss. He always pretends like he's going to "eat" you and you run and hide and giggle. Sometimes Christian actually gets jealous of the time that you spend with McKenna because he wants to be your best friend. Christian is always encouraging you to be a big boy and he's so proud of you all the time!

I still love to rock and snuggle you. I'm not very motivated to get you potty trained because I know that once you're done with diapers I won't be changing any more diapers and that is a little sad. You are a momma's boy and I love that. I love comforting you when you're hurt and I love it (well most of the time) that you want me to be the one to take care of you. Every night when you go to bed I sit in your room until you fall asleep. I absolutely never would have done that with Christian or McKenna but I love that quiet time with you. You give me kisses all the time. You are the silly one in our family. You're always doing something crazy or saying something crazy like "I'm going to give you an orange kiss." Sometimes we had no idea what you're talking about but we play along.

You are smart! Not because we try to teach you but because you easily pick up the things that your older brother and sister do. You know how to turn on the TV, put a movie in the dvd player and press play. You can count to 15 or 16. You are finally starting to catch on to colors. You use big words.  The other day I just about fell over said, "Mom, this isn't a bad show. It doesn't have violence." What??? How on earth do you know the word violence and do you even know what that is?? I asked you to repeat what you said and here's what you really said; "Mom, this isn't a bad show. It doesn't have lions." Whew...for a minute there I was worried!

You and daddy are buddies. Dad's the one who plays with you outside and wrestles around with you! He's already teaching you how to hit, kick and throw balls. You already know a ton about baseball. I guess that's what you get for being a part of this family!

The other person you spend a lot of time with is Nanny. She watches you two days a week and you love her. You never cry when I go to work. You love Nanny's Kindle Fire and Nanny is always bringing you new crayons and coloring books. You love your days with Nanny and on more than one occasion you've cried when it's time for her to go. When Nanny is not at our house you always make comments about things you've done with Nanny or something you want to show her! I think she thinks you're pretty special too!

You are greatly loved Will and I know Jesus has an amazing life in store for you! My greatest prayer is that you will grow up to love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength!


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ginny said...

PopPop and I love you so much, Will. You are a special gift from God to our family.
Love, Nanny