Thursday, April 17, 2014

Christ Centered Easter Basket

We've been doing Resurrection Eggs for years and I love that tradition (and we're doing it) but I wanted to add something else to it.

I saw some ideas on Pinterest popping up about Christ-centered Easter baskets.
I'll be honest...if I gave my kids an Easter basket on Sunday morning and they had to read a scripture before they opened each thing in the basket...they wouldn't be thrilled. Plus I usually give my kids clothes and summer stuff in their baskets. So I created a Christ-centered Easter Basket that you use as a devotional tool the week leading up to Easter.

Here's a peek at what a basket might look like. You purchase specific items that are related to Bible stories. For example; Bubble Bath= John the Baptist baptizes Jesus.
I bought 15 items and wrapped them individually, then I put scripture stickers on the outside of each item. This week the kids would choose an item, we would look up the scripture (this was great practice) then after reading the passage the kids would try to guess what was in the package. Christian wasn't aloud to guess after the first 3 because he kept getting them right :)
This was a fun way of getting my kids to think about who Jesus is and what he's done!!!

We handed cards out at church explaining how to do this. 
Here's what the card said:
 Below you’ll find a list of suggested items that you could buy to create a Christ-centered Easter basket. Give your child(ren) the basket on Palm Sunday (or the week before if you buy all 15 items) and have them open one present each day until Easter Sunday. By opening one present each day, your child will spend the week before Easter learning who Jesus is and what Jesus has done! Wrap each of the presents and put the matching scripture verse on the outside of each present. Have the kids read the scripture passage and then try to guess what’s inside the wrapping paper. What a fun way to learn about Jesus!

Who Jesus is and what He’s done:
Bubble Bath (Matthew 3:13-17) John the Baptist baptizes Jesus.
Goldfish Crackers (John 21:1-14) Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish.
Bandaids (Matthew 4:23-24) General scripture about how Jesus heals.
Swedish Fish (John 6:1-13) Jesus feeds the 5,000 using 5 loaves and 2 fish.
Toy Boat (Matthew 8:23-27) Jesus calmed the storm.
Water Bottle or Sippy Cup (John 4:4-15) Jesus tells the Samaritan woman that he is the living water.
Flip Flops or Pair of Socks (Luke 5:17-26) Jesus heals the paralyzed man.
Sunglasses (Mark 8:22-25) Jesus heals the blind man.
Chocolate Cross (Luke 23:32-43) Jesus dies on the cross.
Bubbles (Luke 24:50-53) The ascension of Jesus
Body Wash/Hand Soap (1 John 1:7) The blood of Jesus (on the cross) washes away our sins.

Who we are in Christ:
Something Salty – Like chips or pretzels (Matthew 5:13) You are the salt of the Earth.
Something that Grows – Like Flower seeds, Pot with Strawberry Plant or herbs ( 2 Peter 3:18) Grow in the grace & knowledge of Jesus
Glow Sticks (Matthew 5:14-16) You are the light of the world.
Playdough (Isaiah 64:8) We are the clay and Jesus is the potter.

This is a super fun way to help your kids learn about Jesus! This doesn't have to be an Easter activity! You could give your child this basket on the last day of school and open one present each day to celebrate your first two weeks of summer vacation and to start your summer vacation off right with your kids!

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