Saturday, February 15, 2014

She's SIX!!!!

We planned a huge surprise for McKenna's birthday!
Her cousins, Abby & Nate came to visit!!
She was speechless when they first arrived! Isn't this mini Anerican Girl doll the cutest thing ever?! I didn't know they made them. McKenna got this in the mail from her cousin Gracey.
We started the weekend off with sledding.
Then we went out to eat at our favorite local place, Mikies!
The kids worked really hard on this game.
They won lots of tickets....
And they now hold the record for the highest score.
The next day we went to Monkey Joes!
Abby got Will to go down the big slide.
The kids thought the hurricane simulator was hilarious.
Will decided not to cooperate for a group shot.
The girls went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. And then....
It was time for McKenna to get her ears pierced!!!! This is the before picture.
And here's the after! She did awesome. No tears. She didn't even flinch.
It was so fun to have Abby there.
What a big event!
She was glad it was over.
When we got home it was present time.
All ready for softball!

What a fun weekend, celebrating a fun girl!

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Anonymous said...

It really was fun celebrating McKenna's birthday with everyone. She is an amazing six year old!