Tuesday, February 4, 2014


After Will's finger accident in August of 2012, he was scared of everything. It was a traumatic event for him and then he spent the next 6 weeks having doctors purposefully hurt him every time he saw them (they got his finger to regenerate by ripping off the scabbing... It was the worst thing ever to have to put him through). As a result Will screams at every doctor visit. Haircuts are impossible. We have no idea how much he weighs because he terrified of standing on a scale. He freaks out in elevators or when something moves. He won't try anything new.

His first reaction is always fear.....until lately.

Will got a four wheeler for Christmas. He was so excited when he opened it & immediately told me he would push if. He wanted to like it but as soon as it moved with him on it I could see the terror on his face.
But it only lasted for a moment & my brave boy was soon speeding around the house at 2mph! It now his most favorite toy ever. 
Today we went to a bounce house festival. He refused to go in any if the inflatables when we first got there. He just watched. Finally we found an almost empty bounce house, so he decided to go in with his Sissy.
I watched his face for a moment as he stood there and realized that the floor was moving even though he wasn't moving. It was that familiar look of fear, but then it was over and he started jumping around like crazy.
The real shock came when Will saw this bear. He held his hand up so the bear would give him a high-five. Then he said "Mommy, take a picture." I cannot even believe that he wasn't scared if the bear. 


"God has not given us a spirit of fear..."

I think Will's little mind and his memory are healing and he's starting to realize that the world is a safe place again!


ginny said...

Yea for Will! High five Buddy!!

Anonymous said...

So happy for Will!!!!!! :)