Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Slow Down McKenna, Slow Down

Slow down sweet girl! You're growing up too fast!

This dress is my absolute favorite and she wore it for the last time on Sunday. Nine month stuff just doesn't fit anymore. I could hardly get it buttoned in the back.
And here she is standing up. Ignore the fact that she's trying to eat the remote! She loves the remote and somehow gets her hands and mouth on it all the time.

Standing up in her crib too. Now don't get excited. She doesn't pull herself to a stand (although she can pull herself into a sitting position), I stood her there. But she can stand there for quite some time all by herself!
I can't believe she's almost nine months old. Oh my word! How did that happen?


Anonymous said...

That precious girl changes almost daily. She is going to be running around by Thanksgiving! What size should we buy for Christmas!

The Marklund's said...

she's 9 months and still kinda fitting into 9 month clothing? wow! sophie is 3.5 months and wearing 6 month clothes! she's just a tall little girl. :)

anyway, mckenna is gorgeous! you are so blessed! time is flyyyying by!

the mccollums... said...

Judy, seriously, she is SO CUTE!! In every picture she has that same smile on her beautiful! I love that she is just so full of life and joy! You are such a great mother, my prayer is that some day I will be half of what you are! :)

Heidi said...

What a cute dress and sweet little girl. Isn't amazing how quickly they grow up! Before you know she's going to be into everything!

Eddie S. said...

So cute, I love the pics!

Katy said...

I totally love that dress! Adorable!!!!