Monday, February 22, 2016

Purposeful Fun

My number one priority on Sunday mornings is FUN! I know, I know, some of you are cringing right now because you're offended that I didn't say "Jesus." 
Well let me tell you about this morning....
This Sunday was filled with hula hoop games, lots of popcorn, glow sticks and super loud music. 
And all of that FUN made kids want to be there. They opened their ears to listen to what we were saying because it was fun. 
They were listening when we learned about how Jesus can do ANYTHING. They were hanging on every word when we learned about how Jesus healed a paralyzed man by simply speaking to him! They didn't just hear a story...
At the end of class I was huddled with a group of kindergarteners and I said, "Okay, so if Jesus can do anything what should we pray about?" I got some classic kindergarten answers about paper cuts on fingers and ear aches and then one little guy said, "I want to pray about my dad. He always has to go away for work and I feel worried that he'll get in an accident." BINGO...that's the stuff I wanted to hear...the real stuff these kids needed Jesus to help them with. We moved around the circle to the next kindergartener..."Do you know about rehab? My mom & dad are in rehab and sometimes rehab doesn't work. Can we pray to Jesus that it will work this time?" (I had one of my..."Oh Jesus, help me not to cry & give me wisdom" moments).
Real faith building, raw and honest prayers, hugs and reassurance took place sitting on the floor in the middle of all the rowdy fun. Kids come to Jesus when we teach them about a real, fun, dynamic, loving Heavenly Father!

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