Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Doing Good!

 I have a Kindergartener now!
I know, I haven't heard about Christian's birthday in June or our beach trip in August or Will's big boy bed....I'll get back to all that at some point. The big news is this big girl of mine.

 She's been in school for about 3 weeks now and she's READING. Not silly little words like "go" and "no." Tonight she was reading "here" and "said" and "the" ...etc. And it was fluent and expressive and beautiful. She actually made me want to find out if Billy ever did decide to get in the "photo" with his family. It's so nice to have a kid who loves school.
 Christian is in 2nd grade and he likes it (which actually means he LOVES it). He's very understated in his feelings about school. He enjoys his friends and has an awesome teacher and he tolerates the rest. I've resigned myself to the fact that the only thing he's ever going to tell us that he LOVES is baseball.

I just wanted to pop in to say "hi." I will try to catch up at some point! Believe it or not, life seems busier now that I have just Will to take care of during the day. That boy can talk. I never realized just what an entertainer McKenna was until she was no longer home. This morning at 9am Will asked me if it was time to go to the bus to get Sissy. That sweet boy misses his best friend!

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